CHG&E Gas Service Replacement Schedule – Meyer Ave.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric will be replacing gas services on Meyer Avenue this week (Week of July 28, 2014). All of the service replacements require CHG&E to dig in the street to the gas main and install a new service line from the main to the building. During the replacement, gas meters are moved from inside of the building to the outside. The schedule for replacement is as follows:

  • Monday – Potholing services to 43, 39, 37, 35, 33, and 32 Meyer Ave
  • Tuesday – Complete replacement to 16, 19, and 28 Meyer Ave
  • Wednesday – Complete replacement to 12, 31, and 33 Meyer Ave
  • Thursday – Complete replacement to 43, 4, and 27 Meyer Ave
  • Friday – Black top and restoration work for the complete service replacements

For additional information about the service replacements, please call the Central Hudson Call Center at: (845) 452-2700

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