City to Post “No Parking” Signs in Effort to Remove Snow

In an effort to remove as much snow as possible from City streets, the City Police Department will be posting “No Parking” signs on certain City streets for Friday, January 28, 2011.  This regulation will be in effect from 6:00am until 4:30pm.

The following streets will be posted:

Lower Northside:

  • Albany St.
  • Talmadge St.
  • Bain Ave.
  • N. Clover St.
  • High St.
  • Lower Mill St.
Lower Southside:

  • Union St.
  • Delano St.
  • South Bridge St.
  • Grand St. off Union St.
  • South Perry St.
  • Little Montgomery St.
Upper Northside:

  • Bement Ave.
  • Lent St.
  • Harrison & Grant Streets
  • Thompson St.
Middle South Section:

  • Edgar St.
  • May St.
  • Gray St.
  • Fox Terrace
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