The Planning Division provides research, advisory and administrative support for an array of comprehensive and land use planning functions within the City of Poughkeepsie.

Comprehensive Planning

The City’s principle long-range plan, known as the “Comprehensive Plan,” serves as the blueprint for future growth and development, and provides a policy framework in which to guide municipal decisions. Usually updated every 5-10 years, the Comprehensive Plan was last revised in 1998.

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP), which was drafted by the Waterfront Advisory Committee and adopted in 1998, provides the City and its residents with policy guidelines to help guide current and future land use decisions along the Hudson River waterfront.

Planning Staff assists in the application and administration of a variety of Federal and State planning, design, and construction grants. Planning staff collaborates with City, County, and State agencies on a variety of highway, transit, and pedestrian/bicycle transportation planning projects.

Land Use Planning

A principle function of the Planning Division is to provide advisory and administrative support to the City’s Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Waterfront Advisory Committee, and Shade Tree Commission.

Main Street Economic Development Strategy

To kick off the Main Street Economic Development Strategy, the City of Poughkeepsie, along with the Land Use Law Center, hosted a public outreach session on Tuesday, October 14th.  A team of facilitators and urban planners from the Center reviewed preliminary planning concepts and took public comments. Click here to see the list of public comments regarding each concept.

The Main Street Economic Development Strategy hopes to advance the conceptual ideas into a concrete set of transportation and land use improvements during the coming year. The purpose of this strategy is to reactivate the entire length of the Main Street corridor and reassert Poughkeepsie as the economic and cultural center of the Hudson Valley. It will capitalize on all of Poughkeepsie’s assets while redressing enduring concerns about building vacancy, crime, public safety, open space, and the underutilization of land.

  Poughkeepsie City Center Revitalization Plan

  Poughkeepsie City Center Revitalization Plan - Overview

  Main Street Economic Development Strategy - Public Responses to Proposed Actions

  Main Street Economic Development Strategy Presentation - June 3, 2015

Poughkeepsie Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy & Waterfront Transit-Oriented Development District (WTOD)

The Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy is designed to generate new activities at the waterfront and attract residents to the river. But it will also create a gateway stimulus for development in and around the City Center by establishing the waterfront/Railroad Station area as an extremely positive first impression of Poughkeepsie. Visitors will be encouraged to explore the many upland city neighborhoods through the use of a shuttle bus up Main Street, pedestrian linkages to Mt. Carmel, and other streetscape connections. As a result, the plan will increase land values, encourage investment, and create jobs and for a much broader area. The waterfront will become a great front porch for the entire City.

The purpose of the WTOD District is to encourage a pedestrian-friendly, urban mix of public, recreational, residential, and compatible commercial uses within walking distance of waterfront parks, the Walkway Over the Hudson elevator, and the Railroad Station. This mixed-use district is designed to promote public access to the waterfront along a continuous Greenway park and walkway system and to create a regionally connected destination center around the Railroad Station with direct links up Main Street to the City Center.

  Waterfront Transit-Oriented Development District - Draft

  Poughkeepsie Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy

  Poughkeepsie Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy Presentation - October 6, 2014

  Resolution R-15-40: Adopting Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy

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