Dumpster Rules

A dumpster permit is required for all dumpsters placed either on City property within the City of Poughkeepsie or on the City right-of-way within the City of Poughkeepsie.  To receive a permit, download this form (pdf), fill it out, and apply in person at the Department of Public Works.


  • Dumpster must be at least ten feet away from a fire hydrant.
  • Dumpster may not block access to visible shut-off valves in street.
  • Dumpster may not block vehicle traffic.


  • Warning reflective signs, cones, tape must be placed on or near the dumpster.
  • No debris or trash may be left on area around the dumpster.
  • Permitee is responsible for reimbursing the City for any damage caused by the dumpster to City property including pavement, curbs, sidewalk, trees and grass area.
  • Permitee will protect the City against any claims for public liability or property damage arising out of, or because of, the placing of the dumpster.

Department of Public Works
26 Howard Street
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
(845) 451-4111