Approved Resolutions

  1. R-23-01, Resolution Approving Rules of Conduct and Procedure for the Common Council
  2. R-23-02, Resolution Adopting Roberts Rules of Order
  3. R-23-03, Resolution Regarding Bonds
  4. R-23-04, Resolution Authorizing the Commissioner of Finance to pay bills and payroll
  5. R-23-05, Resolution regarding Banks for Authorized Use
  6. R-23-06, Resolution Designating the Poughkeepsie Journal as the Official Newspaper
  7. R-23-07, Resolution Designating Marriage Officers for City of Poughkeepsie
  8. R-23-08, Resolution Adopting the Purchasing Policy
  9. R-23-09, Resolution Adopting the Retention and Disposition Schedule for NY Local Government Records
  10. R-23-10, Resolution Appointing Nathan Shook as Vice Chairperson
  11. R-23-12, Resolution setting a public hearing for Local Law adopting the City of Poughkeepsie Redistricting Plan
  12. R-23-13, SEQRA Resolution regarding the adoption of LL amending Chapter 18.5 of code of ordinances titled Waterfront Consistency Review
  13. R-23-14, Resolution Approving the Revised Draft of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program
  14. R-23-15, Resolution Accepting Water Quality Improvement Project
  15. R-23-17, Resolution Amending the 2023 Budget
  16. R-23-18, Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Lease Agreement with MHA
  17. R-23-19, Resolution to accept grant from Chai Developers
  18. R-23-20, Resolution for SABP
  19. R-23-21, Resolution setting a public hearing on proposed zoning amendments
  20. R-23-22, Resolution Designating 299 Main Street as a Historic Property
  21. R-23-23, Resolution Regarding the Student Athletic Basketball Program (SABP)
  22. R-23-24, Resolution Appointing members to the Salary Review Commission
  23. R-23-25, Resolution Regarding the Fund Balance Policy Resolution
  24. R-23-26, Resolution Regarding the Investment Policy
  25. R-23-27, Resolution Regarding NYCLASS
  26. R-23-28, Resolution Declaring Erna Rogers Day
  27. R-23-29, Resolution Regarding the Garden St. over Fall Kill Creek Bridge Replacement
  28. R-23-30, Resolution Regarding the Washington St. over Fall Kill Creek Bridge Rehabilitation
  29. R-23-31, Resolution to Approve Agreement with the IDA
  30. R-23-32, Resolution Authorizing the Execution of the MOU with Joule Assets.
  31. R-23-34, Resolution setting a public hearing on North Clinton zoning amends
  32. R-23-35, Resolution setting a public hearing on the C2A amendment
  33. R-23-36, Resolution Appointing James Patterson to the BAR
  34. R-23-37, Resolution Appointing members to the Housing Solutions Committee
  35. R-23-38, Resolution setting joint public hearing with County Legislators regarding homelessness
  36. R-23-39, Resolution to approve agreement with the PCSD for Garbage and Recycling Collection Services
  37. R-23-40, Resolution to accept donation from Adult Womens Softball League
  38. R-23-41, Resolution setting a public hearing on Short Term Rental Legislation
  39. R-23-42, Resolution Approving a Budget amendment regarding Transfer from ARPA Contingency
  40. R-23-43, Resolution to approve agreement with the PCSD for Pool Use
  41. R-23-44, Resolution to approve agreement with the PCSD for SRO
  42. R-23-47, Resolution adopting negative declaration -North Clinton rezoning
  43. R-23-48, Resolution Calling on NYS to adopt Good Cause eviction
  44. R-23-49, Resolution adopting negative declaration C-2A zoning
  45. R-23-50, Resolution for Home Rule Request Form