PKGO Forward

The City of Poughkeepsie has created this webpage to focus on our reopening efforts as people get back to work, open their businesses and push for an economic recovery.

The city has created a PKGO Forward Economic Recovery Plan, a new video and logo to go with these efforts.

Working in consultation with the New York state and Dutchess County, the City has focused on three key aspects of reopening: Local government functions and support; economic development; and recreation.

"These are admittedly unchartered territories, "said Mayor Rob Rolison. "We want to help people and businesses navigate the days ahead. We know city residents and businesses are resilient and are up to these challenges. We greatly look forward to the days ahead. There will be plenty of hard work ahead, but there will be causes for celebration as well." The City will be providing key information about these initiatives in the days and weeks ahead.