Neighborhood Stabilization Team

The Neighborhood Stabilization Team (NST) was implemented by Mayor Rolison to address and respond to the many issues surrounding vacant and abandoned properties in the City of Poughkeepsie. As abandoned properties sit vacant, they become havens for trash, illegal dumping, and other criminal activities. Many of these properties are also structurally unsound, creating potential safety issues for neighboring property owners and residents.

About the Neighborhood Stabilization Team

53 Forbus Street - Before and AfterThe Neighborhood Stabilization Team is chaired by the City Administrator and includes representatives from Public Works, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Building Department and Corporation Counsel. The team is tasked with monitoring complaints, implementing enforcement actions, and filing court proceedings when necessary. This allows the City to engage in a coordinated and efficient remediation effort.

The NST assists in the task of issuing violations and subsequent abatements of various properties throughout the City. The team meets twice per month (or more frequently, as needed) to review properties with violations and to coordinate abatement of the properties to ensure that they are in compliance with existing ordinances. The team will also meet to review new establishments applying for liquor licenses with the New York State Liquor Authority, as well as license renewals.

Wednesday Remediation Schedule

The Wednesday Remediation Schedule is maintained by the Sanitation Department. Properties and areas on this list are scheduled for abatement by City staff. In cases where the Sanitation Department is abating a privately owned property, the abatement fees and any applicable sanitation fines are assessed to the property owner. Remediation is scheduled every Wednesday through March 30th and then the schedule is staggered bimonthly through late September to accommodate Yard Debris Collection and other duties of the Sanitation Department.

Vacant Property Report

To report a vacant or abandoned property to the Neighborhood Stabilization Team, please complete the Vacant Property Report form. Please make all observations from the public right of way and do not trespass or illegally enter any property.

Abatement Map

The following map highlights the properties and areas abated by the NST since January 2016.