Procedural Justice Committee Members


Committee Co-Chairs

  • Lieutenant Sean McCarthy
  • Van Riley, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Marist College

Committee Members


  •  Isis Benitez, ENJAN 
  • Revered Stacey Bottoms, Beulah Baptist Church
  • Ivan Braxton, SNUG Family Services Poughkeepsie
  • Natasha Cherry, Councilwoman
  • Carisma Collins, police officer
  • Bishop Debra Gause, Senior Pastor of Holy Light Pentecostal Church, Inc.
  • Cecilia McPeck, community member
  • Carmen M. McGill, Community Member
  • Tom O'Neill, Retired Poughkeepsie City Court Judge
  • Jenna Salmonese,community member

  • Marina Tarkos, Police Officer

  • Devon Zanin, Police Officer

  • John Zeltmann, Lieutenant

City Administration Staff

  • John Penney, Community Engagement Director


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