Grand Avenue Improvements

Project Description

Photo of sidewalk conditions on Grand Avenue looking south towards Hooker Avenue. The City of Poughkeepsie has identified the need for improvements along Grand Avenue between Hooker Avenue and College Avenue, a distance of approximately 0.4 miles. The City has retained Creighton Manning Engineering, LLP (Creighton Manning) to perform preliminary and final design services to rehabilitate the existing roadway and improve pedestrian and bicycle accommodations using a “Complete Streets” approach. A combination of Federal and City funds will be utilized to fund the design, construction, and inspection of the project.

Specifically, Creighton Manning and the City (Project Team) will prepare construction drawings for the proposed work which will include milling and resurfacing the roadway with new asphalt, considerations for bicyclists, concrete curb replacement, sidewalk, and curb ramp replacement in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), minor drainage improvements, new striping, new signage as required, and consideration of green stormwater practices.

Project Documents

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • June 2023 – Project Kickoff & Field Survey
  • July 2023 – Begin Preliminary Design
  • October 16, 2023 – Public Informational Meeting
  • November 2023 – Draft Design Report to NYSDOT
  • Spring 2024 – Final Design Report to NYSDOT and Begin Final Design
  • Fall 2024 – Advertise Project for Bidding, Open Bids
  • Spring 2025 – Begin Construction
  • Summer/Fall 2025 – Finish Construction

Public Informational Meeting

Gaining access to specialized knowledge held by adjacent residents, key stakeholders and the public is a major benefit of public engagement. Residents and stakeholders will often possess technical information which is important to decision makers. Creighton Manning, in partnership with the City of Poughkeepsie, will hold a public information meeting, during which the preferred design concept will be presented to stakeholders and the general public. After gaining feedback from the adjacent residents and the public, Creighton Manning will document public input in the Design Report for the project and take all comments into consideration within final design efforts and the construction drawings.